V-SuitesCS is your Entrepreneur Support Center.  We work hard to be your Go-To resource for all your small business needs.  Whether it's administrative help, business advice, or looking towards the future, our V-SuitesCS team of experts are equipped, experienced, and excited to help you move forward to SUCCESS!



Virtual Assistant Professionals CS
(VAPCS) is located within V-SuitesCS and is your
alternative to hiring costly employees. Our trained virtual assistants can provide a variety of office services including phone answering, appointment setting, invoicing clients, and social media. 



You have a great widget to sell or service to provide. Good for you! Are you now finding it difficult to figure out how to manage your business and sell your services?  You're not alone. Our skilled business managers will work with you to create a roadmap for your business, step-by-
step.  If you are a Solo-Preneur who is in the field all day, we'll even provide office management services with your oversight until you're ready to take over or add on staff.  



Let our experienced small business leaders help you look at the big picture of your company and break it down to get a clear picture of the who, what where when and why of your company. 



If you are looking for seminars,
workshops, one-one training, we can help.  We specialize in offering training in areas where entrepreneurs need to make the most of their time and resources, or we'll refer you to one of our specialty colleagues.

Coach Matching


If you are looking for an advisor,
consultant, mentor, coach or teacher, V-SuitesCS will help you find the right person for your particular need. If you are unsure of what type of support you might need, we'll walk you through each option and provide recommendations as well.

If you have a need that is not reflected in one of the above services, talk to us and we'll do our best to provide you with our expert advice. 

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