Full-Time Office Rentals



On the day of the visit, you let the V-SuitesCS receptionist know who will be coming and what time to expect your 

guests.   Upon arrival, the first thing they may see is your company logo on our front window.  When they enter the building, our receptionist lets them know we were looking forward to their visit and directs them to the waiting room. She offers them coffee, tea, or water and lets them know she will check with you to make sure you are ready for their visit.  When directed by you, the receptionist will escort your guests to your office and make sure you have all you need for your meeting.  If you prefer, a carafe of coffee or water can be delivered to your office for you and your guests.  If you are expecting several guests, you may have reserved the V-SuitesCS Boardroom to hold your meeting.  Here you have access to a Smart-TV, a large whiteboard is also at your disposal for brainstorming, and a conference phone to connect with those that cannot meet in person. 

What impression do you think your guests will have about you, how you do business and the likelihood of them doing business with you versus someone who wants to meet at a coffee shop?  That's just one of the V-SuitesCS differences. 


Our leases are all-inclusive.  One rate covers your office, furniture, high-speed internet, and wireless WiFi, all utilities, common space, beverage service, and a receptionist to greet and serve your guests.  You also receive a USPS Private Mail Box address, UPS and FedX delivery acceptance, 2-hours of complimentary Event Center/Boardroom usage each month, and the opportunity to showcase your company logo on our front window.  


Full -Time Premium Offices include 24/7 access to your office. 

Full-Time Entrepreneurial Offices are available from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.  
Offices begin at $299.00 per month with a minimum 1-year lease.  


Call and ask about available offices.  719.358.9085
We offer no obligation tours of our facilities. Schedule your tour right now!

Full-time office rental is for the Serious Entrepreneur. This is the person who knows that to sell professionally you need to look act and conduct yourself as a professional.  


Consider this scenario: 

You call or receive a call from a prospective client.  You take this call from your private office with no little ones playing noisily in the background or dogs barking at the postman coming up the sidewalk.  The lack of environmental noise provides a professional calm to your conversation and allows you the hear and note the important aspects of your call and set a time for them to visit your office. 

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